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“The storytelling that took place among my students was magical!”


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 Enrichment Programs

connecting storytelling and play



Welcome! In my years of teaching early childhood education, I have come to believe that the art of storytelling has the ability to inspire creative and confident play - and when children play they are telling stories, real or imaginative. The connection between stories and play is wonderful to behold. Based on this philosophy, I have created age-appropriate enrichment programs for preschool, and elementary school age children that supplement a literacy-rich curriculum.

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Barbara Ann Poelman, children’s storyteller


listening + interacting +creating 

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My enrichment programs focus on rich oral language using unique, natural materials to enhance the storytelling experience. Children actively participate in these creative sessions—listening, interacting and finally, creating through play, their own stories.


Creative Play

encouraging storytelling through guided play

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Kind Words

recommendations from teachers 

My kindergarten children were mesmerized with Miss Barbara Ann’s stories, props and mats.
— christa morrill, hugger elementary, rochester community schools
The kids absolutely loved Miss Barbara Ann’s storytelling and the addition of playtime with her story props was wonderful. Our PTA funded three sessions for all of our kindergarten classes through their enrichment budget! It will be an annual event in the halls of Hamlin Kindergarten!
— Dede Reed, Hamlin elementary, Rochester Community Schools
We were fortunate to have Miss Barbara Ann come as Mother Goose for our seven Kindergarten classes. She is a great Mother Goose who is enthusiastic and fun! The children loved listening to her rhymes and exploring with her props! We look forward to her visit next year!
— Carmela Rudd, Schofield Elementary, Fitzgerald Public Schools
Several schools in our district highly recommended Stories and Play as an enrichment program. PTA funds had already been delegated to other areas so our Kindergarten team rallied together and did a simple movie night fund raiser. Our school was able to match our efforts and Miss Barbara Ann visited all four of our classrooms. The intimate setting was so conducive for all of our children to participate, play and ultimately strengthen essential literacy skills. So glad we got creative to have her visit!
— Elizabeth Lang, McGregor Elementary, Rochester Community Schools