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Storytelling Programs

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Is there anything better than a good story??  Stories, in people of all ages, develop language, problem-solving, and self-confidence. It is no wonder that storytelling is one of the most timeless traditions across human history! For young children this begins with simple nursery rhymes. 


Program Description& Fees

Preschool and Kindergarten Programs

45-minute storytelling programs include 30 minutes of familiarizing and revisiting favorite nursery rhymes and simple fairy tales through an interactive presentation,  and an additional 15 minutes in small groups for the children to explore, play, and retell their favorite stories and rhymes using my materials.

$100 per 45-minute session (one class per session)

Early Elementary Programs

60 minute programs are collaborated with the teacher to include fairy tales, fables, tall tales, or other genres of choice. 30 minutes of storytelling is followed by a 30 minute session to empower children to become story makers.

$125 per 60-minute session (one class per session)